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Bitcoin Forest- Predicting the Cryptocurrency


The digital market is on the rise be it value or acceptance. To make this market more promising and more acceptable for the people investing it is very important to give accurate or near accurate predictions. The Bitcoin Forest is exactly doing this.

Bitcoin Forest is a website that basically displays two charts- yearly and daily. These two charts have data about the price fluctuations of a particular currency over the period of time and on a preferred exchange. Also, the graph shows the actual market movements color coded in a particular way.

The graph shows the market movements in red and the trends, long term, and short term respectively in blue color. It uses market data and an AI algorithm to produce forecasts for the prices of many cryptocurrencies on a number of global and regional trading platforms.

The main platform of Bitcoin Forest tracks price changes of BTC against the U.S. dollar. You can choose a marketplace from a long list that contains major platforms such as Kraken, Gdax, Bithumb, and Bitstamp. Exchanges with regional importance like Mercado Bitcoin, Koinex and Yobit are also included.

The graphs on Bitcoin forest also display current short term and long term rates in USD on the top of their screens. It not only takes into account the market trends but also evaluates the latest crypto news from a number of sources. This information is displayed in the color-coded scheme. The short term chart contains links to recent publications about cryptocurrencies and related developments.

Bitcoin Forest also has a sister platform called Altcoin Forest. On Altcoin, Forest users can find more informative details about various other digital currencies that are in circulation in the market. For example, market data and forecasts are available for BCH against BTC. Charts for BCH and fiat currencies such as the U.S. dollar and the Australian dollar are offered as premium content that costs around 0.016 BCH at the time of writing. This way readers or users get to know the comparative study and understand better.

In addition to Bitcoin Forest and Altcoin Forest if one needs to stay informed about the current prices and market values of cryptocurrencies, the Satoshi Pulse market cap aggregator developed by

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