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Chinese e-commerce company filed over 200 blockchain patents


Jingdong, a China-based e-commerce company has reportedly filed over 200 blockchain patents on 20th May. Abbreviated as, the platform now stands ahead of the arch-rival Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent in the China, reported Securities Daily News. comprises of big-data analytics, consumer acquisition model, warehousing, logistics and financing and aims to deliver complete suite of consumer services while partnering with numerous global and local brands.

Earlier, Alibaba (now ranked 2nd) filed for 262 patents followed by Chinese Internet giants, Tencent (80 patents) and Baidu (50) in blockchain alone.

According to Intellectual Property Center of China Information and Communication, China dominates the world in the blockchain patenting, about 48% of the total filed blockchain patents. Overall, China has a total of 4435 blockchain patent applications between 2013 and 2018. While the number of blockchain patent filings in the US were 1833 in total that covered 21% of the global blockchain trademarks.

Securities Daily added to their reports:

Firms accounted for 75% of applications, which is more than the quantity filed by research institutions, individuals, and government agencies by a vast number.


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Most of the companies from 75% filings were internet-based corporations. However, The Intellectual Property Center of China Information and Communication was also concerned about the violations of intellectual property that has been the major hurdle in the Chinese blockchain patenting and advised:

It is recommended that the government do a good job in industry supervision and supervision and patent quality improvement. Enterprises should raise awareness of intellectual property protection and risk prevention, avoid blind investment in the blockchain field, apply for low-value patents, and avoid future blockchains. There have been a large number of infringement lawsuits in the field.

Last year in August, Jingdong launched blockchain-as-a-service (Baas), an open platform built to help the companies create effective blockchain solutions and run smart contracts for private and public enterprise clouds. The firm also contributed to the blockchain research and established research lab and institutes across the country. The purpose of the Baas platform was to empower the innovations without need to develop the technology from scratch.

Most recently, started an initiative called Running Chicken that included chickens on the blockchain. Local farmers were offered part-time jobs growing vegetables, fruit, and grain, as well as interest-free loans to spur growth. has tracked free-range chickens using DLTs which allowed customers to scan labels with smartphones to access detailed supply chain information, including diet, rearing process, and origin.


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