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Pyrofex launches Numifex payment gateway for online merchants



Pyrofex, an Utah-based blockchain firm yesterday launched Numifex payment gateway that merchants can easily integrate into their websites to accept cryptocurrency payments. Launched in the beta version, Numifex aims to provide direct interaction with the customers and hassle-free payment solutions without any intermediaries.

With better flow of transactions, transparency, security and privacy, the Numifex payment gateway will allow merchants to eliminate chargebacks and data harvesting. Nash Foster, Pyrofex CEO and founder commented:

As consumers continue to wake up to the data privacy and security risks involved with credit card payments, attraction to cryptocurrency will increase. Numifex offers an easy solution for merchants seeking to serve this growing consumer base by offering payment processing in cryptocurrency that is owned and operated by the merchant.

As of now, Numifex is facilitating payments in Ethereum but also planning to include Bitcoin, probably by the month-end. Considering the number of everyday cryptocurrency users is quite crucial for the company. Reportedly, a survey of Bitcoin owners revealed that the number of coin holders vary between 13 to 32 million.

Numifex payment gateway

However, about 40% of the holders are found to have used Bitcoin on the daily basis. Eventually this would help the merchants to identify the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies which would leverage the Return on Investments as well as save on the transaction fees that is charged via traditional credit cards payments.

Besides Numifex, Pyrofex has 3 other industrial-grade products:

  • Casanova Consensus Protocol
  • CDelta
  • Pyr8

Pyrofex corporation was established back in 2016 by ex-googlers Mike Stay and Nash Foster. The Numifex payment gateway is built on complex internet systems and also behind CDelta, an open source, proof-of-stake blockchain and payment platform that will be able to process 50,000 transactions per second at launch. Built using Casanova’s optimistic consensus system, CDelta paves the way for adoption of crypto payment dapps by introducing a blockchain solution that is fast and cost-efficient.

The development team has strength of 24 highly talented professionals shortlisted from over 1000 candidates. The core development team equips wealth of expertise in mathematics, cryptography, formal verification, system engineering an internet security. They have accomplished several business needs by providing blockchain solutions having open source, permissioned ledger system or even the mixed ledger system.


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