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ZillionGrid – a Hybrid Decentralized infrastructure

A startup called ZillionGrid, as of today is trying to upgrade blockchain. So far we know that Blockchain is an excellent platform for processing of transaction and ledger keeping, and it does it with enhanced security, improved traceability, greater transparency and with much better efficiency and speed at reduced costs.
Although Blockchain is now termed as a world-changing technology, it still has a few issues and limitations as of now, including lack of regulation, the complexity that comes with it, and performance regarding data querying, data storage, and easy access for app building. The blockchains that currently exist allow limited data storage and are quite slow. Which makes communication of Remote Procedure Call (RPC) commands of your app to communicate with the blockchain, rather cumbersome and somewhat specialized. Many programmers out there are currently struggling with this concept as well.
ZillionGrid has tried to solve a few of these issues by implementing a what they call a “decentralized hybrid blockchain infrastructure” along with Zillion Server nodes – their revenue generating hardware, a Universal Developer API, and Software Solutions that they claim are as easy for the end user as turning a key to make the system ready to go.
ZillionGrid is expected to announce ZillionBrowser, ZillionLogin, and ZillionSuite, which will give a full range of users i.e from inexperienced users to much-experienced developers, access to a suite of software applications that will be turn key and easy to use. Using the ZillionGrid Infrastructure, and via the ZillionCoin blockchain, all content will be authenticated and secured.
The ZillionGrid will provide solutions in multiple areas: it combines a decentralized, secure network with access to any blockchain via the Universal API. In addition to that, you can easily access and query multiple data types (text, images, audio, video) running on optimized hardware nodes.
Building applications on top of the ZillionGrid will greatly simplify access to blockchains, databases and rich media assets. The Access to Developer is provided in the form of a ZillionGrid Universal REST API which would allow direct grid access, by using well-known programming languages such as Microsoft .NET, PHP, NodeJS, Java and almost anything else in existence. API calls are routed via our Grid Manager software, providing new and powerful app building solutions.
ZillionGrid Software Factory provides turnkey software solutions like Zillion Exchange, ZillionCoin and Wallet, Zillion IDE that is built on top of the ZillionGrid Hybrid Blockchain Network.
The ZillionCoin wallet is currently open sourced and can be downloaded from the ZillionCoin website. Currently, ZillionCoin is the only coin that it supports but as the ZillionGrid expands, there will be more coins.
The wallet has a CPU miner built in, all you need is to click the “Start Mining” button and you will be generating coins immediately. The Zillion Studio IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is similar to Visual Studio, Eclipse, and other development environments. ZillionGrid’s Zillion IDE is planning on promoting the Object Oriented controls that can be used to create blockchain applications that are usable using “Visual Blockchains” programming environment.
All applications built under the ZillionGrid Software Factory are database driven and will provide easy blockchain access for those who need it. This includes micro-payments using any crypto coin integrated into their ZillionGrid.

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